Collaborate with us through our various online channels.
Unequivocally African
Unapologetically Queer


Collaborate with us through our various online channels.

Unapologetically Queer
Unequivocally African

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Our work does not meet the parameters of 12-month M&E indicators or project related funding. It is long-term, decolonized and anchored on affirming the experiences and lives of those we work with, serve and are.
We are young, multifaceted and vibrant.

Feminist or systemic, we understand the need to dismantle privilege, power and patriarchy beyond the naming and framing development and mainstream civil society practitioners validate. We’re rooted in advancing our struggles, talent and diversity beyond binaries and equality – towards equitable and just partnerships, engagements and resourcing.

We are not popular. We are radical. Feminist & Autonomous in all ways. We are not conventional. We are the rare gems previously oppressed, challenged and denied. Undiscovered, underfunded and under-resourced – however, our resilience and passion have sustained us. We own our power and path to truly living free and equitably. We do not exist for dependency to a donor or bureaucrat. We work to improve lives of those you never count, see or understand. To scale and achieve success, your kindness, generosity, solidarity or privilege can go a long way in making a difference in LGBTIQ+ youth lives. Support us, share our work and more generously, trust us with an investment.

If you have an idea, partnership or project you would like to explore with us, please feel free to engage with us via our various channels.



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