We have been busy. We are intentional in how we share our work, ensuring safety and informed consent – even after engaging our stakeholders. Our primary audience and priority [has always been, remains and] will always be our community. Our impact is best felt, experienced and nourishing than one can ever read about. Whilst social media remains a primary form of showcasing impact across development/NGO sectors, it often reflects performative and ‘subject’ driven content for a specific power-hierarchal gaze that infantilises and reduces our communities to ‘struggle’ or ‘needs’. As with any other way of work, output or ‘NGO-isation’: we challenge these notions of ‘isms’ as a praxis towards our full liberation. As a result of previous exploitation of our intellectual property and labour, we have become intentional in strategically showcasing our innovative impact after the fact. Delve into our journey over the past year, creatively curating and collaborating for meaningful change for our diverse constituents.

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