Download the report here. More insights here and a full domestic violence webinar here.

A revised/updated version (addendum) will be uploaded soon.

A brief review on staying home: Harm at Home


Yarona FM Interview on LGBTIQ+ Youth & COVID-19

Other resources

Movement Permits

  1. Experiences and COVID-19 impact on foreign national sex workers in Botswana, a short documentary here
  2. Difficult Conversations at home: community responses demystifying homosexuality
  3. Difficult Conversations at home: talking about PrEP
  4. Cyber Bullying
  5. Lockdown Listen List: Beijing +25 related Poetry, Radio Engagements and commemorative Poetry
  6. Lockdown Watch List: Our Channel
  7. WHO Mental Health Guide
  8. GBV
  9. Preventing GBV
  10. SDG Center for Africa
  11. Without Violence Infographic (embedded link):

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