Success Capital facilitated a training session for media professionals towards the end of 2019. Hosted by the British High Commission and Democracy Dialogues, whom won a grant for a project coined ‘Being LGBT in Botswana’. Facilitating this session was important for the organisation as one of three front runners of the grant solicit process. Having been questioned on credibility for not having an office we could not afford and not ending up with the funds; we learned that the winning proposal did not even have a website or its own office space at the time.

Our engagement was strategic, the importance of advancing LGBTIQ+ issues in the context of media representation and reporting could not be left to heterosexual men. This further proved the importance of investing in communities and their agency. Allies are important in giving up space, bridging and connecting for solidarity and movement building. This is the only way to sustain, build and strengthen movements – safeguarding affected and impacted communities and affirming their efforts.


Presentation – Media Training on LGBTIQ.

Facebook live video – here.

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