It’s been a long journey getting insight of collecting data from across the country.
Sharing some of these stories on national radio made it even more glaring why there is a need to have discussions on LGBTIQ+ people. No one likes to be vulnerable or share their feelings in any unsafe space. However, it is critical to ensure that the public knows what we have to go through as their peers, youth, learners and friends.
I remember  sitting in the studio chair contemplating if I was making the right choice of being entirely honest about my sexuality on live radio; having to compromise possible future job prospects, friendships and conversations with others close to me. Although I have been an activist for some time, putting it on a national platform makes it even more challenging. It becomes about my family, friends and those I live with.
When the dialogue opened up to the public, it became very clear that religion is the biggest impediment to our existence and expression. By now it was too late for me, or any of my fellow volunteers to take back our words.
I felt that the world was denying my very humanity. It was painful to hear how God and his love for me were questioned. Even worse, those who are parents believing that I was not worthy of having voice even in my own experiences. That they are invalid because I am thought to have demons.
Activism is not for the faint hearted. The need for self preservation, even among civil society often does more harm that good. Mental health, economic privilege and the ability to navigate adulthood are often untold aspects in having agency. It is a critical time in Botswana, as the Attorney General will be challenging the decriminalisation of same sex intercourse.
This only leaves us more determined as Success Capital to continue working on building voice and visibility among our peers. The laws may change for the better or worse, but community members can continue to be resilient and strong within their areas of residence and influence. As Dumi often puts it; Existence is Resistance. We are a revolution of LGBTIQ youth that invest in our stories and bring them to life. Listen in and get insight into what society thinks about us: and
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