Botswana remains a legally, socially complex environment for the ability to exercise agency in sex related matters for young people. Health inequities are aggravated by shortcomings in sex education delivery, social nuances compromising consent, negotiating for safe sex, safely testing for STIs independently, securing safe abortion services, discovering one’s sexuality and more importantly, freely express oneself in inquiry, sexuality, gender diversity, becoming and self-determination.

Storytelling on Unsafe Abortion (SUAB) is a short-term (3 months) project for long-term impact aimed at raising awareness on the social determinants of unsafe abortion in Botswana, including COVID-19 realities specific to SRHR. This has never been done before, let alone led by and for young people. The overall goal is to stimulate dialogue and create understanding for reframing safe abortion as a right to health and wellbeing aimed at domesticating provisions within public health.

Episode Listing (embedded links)

Storytelling on Unsafe Abortion

Episode 1: Lived Experiences

Episode 2: Insights from Health Practitioner & Civil Society Perspectives

Social Determinants of Unsafe Abortion

Episode 1: perspectives including religion, law enforcement and the role of men.

Episode 2: perspectives including society, public health and the role of men.

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