A documentary portraying the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in Botswana. Reflecting the layered, multifaceted and intersecting struggles, resilience and beauty of a community often unheard and at times, unseen.

These powerful, dynamic and beautiful individuals share their stories in the hope that life can be a little better for others. That we can secure a future where we all succeed and not just survive. Where we all belong and become in our truth, diversity and humanity.

The first ever LGBTQ+ Youth documentary and first ever account/documenting of LGBTQ+ issues in four different languages in Botswana, by Batswana.

Queer Awakening is a multi-year, multi-stakeholder initiative that has had several iterations, reports and advocacy tools released in select, funded years to counter prevalent and harmful resourcing, societal, religious, cultural and legislative norms that LGBTIQ+ youth are often subjected to.

Success Capital Organisation is LGBTIQ+ youth led, managed and serving working to move its constituents from survival to success. Anchored on dismantling privilege, power and patriarchy; its mandate priorities, defends and supports the people it serves above all else and at any cost inherent to organising, supremacy and power within and outside civil society. 


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