Transpose provided an opportunity to document voices beyond gender binaries in in more rural areas in Botswana. It presented globally reflective experiences of exclusion, harmful norms, oppression, performative expectations of expression and variant forms of violence against transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and other forms of non-normative gender related experiences. First commemorated in 2009; International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate transgender individuals whilst illuminating inequities and discrimination experienced by many regardless of socio-economic and legal jurisdiction. This year’s commemoration provides an opportunity to reflect on the gains more than just the losses, and imagine what transcendence, transnational and transformative existence and resistance can look like. Further allowing ideation towards a world where there would be no need for continuously fighting and safeguarding existence and resistance. In the form of an online dialogue, commemorating TDoV inspires ideation, imagining and iterating Success Capital Organisation’s grassroots origins and purpose for shifting queer youth from a state of perpetual survival, to one of success.

Two dialogues:

1. A conversation with Whitney Booysen (South Africa, Trans Wellness Project):


2. A conversation with Joanne Leung (Hong Kong, Transgender Resource Cente) and Mwamba Nyanda (Tanzania Trans Initiative)


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