Commemorating June 16 in conversation with Masana Ndinga-Kanga, amazing insights that literally brought me to tears when listening to it for the 5th time. Why the tears only come the 5th time I don’t know – but this deeply personal, intimate and political dialogue is one that many have been having when it was not economically, politically or socially acceptable. It is a great addition to other dialogues I have had on IDAHOBIT, Africa Day and Not Yet Uhuru. I am truly grateful for Masana sharing her power with us and giving hope in a time of crisis, harm and trying to heal.

Trigger Warning: discussions include content on sexual violence.

Botswana has the second highest rape rates per 100000 citizens in the world.

Hosted by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, our only enabler supporting our COVID-19 response.

Listen here.

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